The Get Real Sessions are relationship and sex education sessions for secondary schools, encompassing the latest statutory RSE guidance within a spiral curriculum. 
Each session combines video based teaching with teacher led class activities and there are 4 Get Real Sessions modules, which cover years 7-11.
Relationships are central to everything we do, so consistent, high quality RSE can impact a whole school culture as well as individual student outcomes.

The Course

The Get Real Sessions are designed to be used in schools as part of normal timetabled lessons. 

They are based on the Statutory RSE Guidance and provide a lesson structure, video teaching and fully planned classroom based interactive activities. 

The Structure

The Get Real Sessions consist of 4 modules; Relationships, Sex, Online Life and Self, Identity & Wellbeing.   

Each module contains 20 sessions - 4 specially designed sessions per year group from years 7 to 11.

The Access

Schools can subscribe to the Get Real Sessions modules using the Modules or Teachers page links at the top of the screen.

Access to each module costs £500 annually per school, which works out as £25 per session. Payment can be made by credit or debit card via the website.

Try a Get Real Session for free

'Relationships: Choosing Who to Trust', 'Online Life: Likes and Shares' and 'Consent' are 10 -15 minute sessions which can be used in tutor time, assembly or as part of an RSE lesson.

There are no log-ins, planning or additional notes required.

Teaching Effective RSE with Confidence

Online Relationship and Sex Education CPD from Get Real Sessions

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